Using Neon Paints

Using Neon Paints

We often get questions about how to use our neon oil colors, so we thought it might be useful to showcase a few of the artists who have incorporated Gakpa neons into their work. Our neon paints have their own unique qualities due to the natural properties of the pigments, but they are oil paints in every regard. As the artist, you can play with them and use any mediums or other oil paints to mix with them as you would like. 

In addition to the examples below you can check out the highlights on our Instagram page for examples from many other artists. 

Using Neons as an Enhancement Glaze

Wiliiam Wray


Princess Van Nuys (in Pink) 32x24 [original]
Princess Van Nuys (in Pink) 32x24 [enhaced]
Batman VS Superman 2 48x36

The Last 24x24


Neon Paints Under Blacklight

Lauren Hanna Chai 

Souls In Motion 6 (2021)

Oil (neon) on canvas


Cover image by Lauren Hanna Chai

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